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Our Mission

Since the inception of Carolina Heritage Vineyards and Winery, founders Clyde and Pat Colwell wanted to make wine in an environmentally friendly way.  They established Carolina Heritage Vineyard and Winery as the first USDA-Certified Organic vineyard and winery in North Carolina.  They learned to nurture the land and grow grapes organically.  They chose grape varietals that were native and flourished in the hills of North Carolina. 

In 2022, Pat and Wendy McNabb purchased the winery and continue the passion for the environment and organic farming.  They want to make Carolina Heritage Vineyards and Winery the first fully sustainable winery in North Carolina. 

At Carolina Heritage Vineyards and Winery

The environment is for our children and we want to do our small part to make it a better place for them. 

We hope you enjoy our wine and our home at Carolina Heritage Vineyards and Winery and hope to see you soon.